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The PJA has developed a comprehensive and holistic support network of trained professionals and extensive resources to help jockeys navigate career and lifestyle challenges. Over the last few years, more than 100 jockeys have contacted the PJA seeking some form of support, and many more have utilised the additional support offered by the IJF.

The PJA has played a major role in challenging perceptions around mental wellbeing.  We work with our Jockey Support Network Partners, the IJF and JETS, to provide a wide range of support and education to improve jockeys’ emotional wellbeing and performance.

To help you find support for your wellbeing, click on the statement below that you feel most accurately reflects how you feel:

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Mental Health Series Episode 3: Depression

Mental Health Series Episode 2: Mental Health

Mental Health Series Episode 1: Wellbeing

Jockey Matters: Substance Abuse & Support

Jockey Matters: Mental Health & Wellbeing

Jockey Matters: Resilience

Jockey Matters: Resilience Top Tips

Jockey Matters: Addiction & Recovery

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