Jockey Sponsorship

The PJA is the guardian of the commercial rights of jockeys within the UK. These elite sportsmen are fantastic ambassadors for any brand wishing to expose their product or service to the high class of British Horseracing and beyond.

As the jockeys’ sole trade body, the PJA has an outstanding and unique position in the sport of horseracing. With over 400 members the PJA offers unrivalled benefits to its commercial, media and PR partners enabling a reach to an extensive and targeted audience.

With an ever increasing popularity and outstanding media coverage on terrestrial and satellite TV channels, sponsored Jockeys provide companies with exceptional daily media exposure whether they are sponsoring a group of jockeys or one individual.

Sponsored Jockeys provide sponsors with extensive exposure through branding on the following:

Jockeys’ clothing:

  • Breeches
  • Neck roll
  • Coccyx

Plus additional items including:

  • Baseball caps (winners enclosure)
  • Jackets, beanies, etc
  • Sponsored vehicles (Jockeys average annual mileage is c. 40,000 miles a year ensuring massive exposure throughout the UK)

Jockey sponsorship and betting organisations

Sponsorship arrangements with betting organisations continue to be subject to a trial period with the BHA and may be subject to cancellation and removed from the register of sponsorship agreements maintained by the BHA, should good cause be shown. This does not affect the BHA’s general powers as to registration as set out in the Rules of Racing.

The terms of all such contracts will be subject to registration with and final approval by the BHA.

The Rules preventing a jockey associating with betting organisation representatives on a racecourse remain in place and non-riding commercial agreements with betting organisations to promote and advertise their goods or services and provide their views or information for general publication (such as weekly blogs/columns) must be registered separately with the BHA under Rule (D)79 by clicking the link in the Resources below.

Before entering into an agreement with a betting organisation, the jockey must inform the Racing Calendar Office on 01933 440011 of the details of the agreement.

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