Diversity and Inclusion

The PJA is proud to be one of the eight initial signatories to the Racing Industry Diversity & Inclusion Commitment. We are committed, alongside British racing’s leading organisations, to improving diversity and inclusion across the sport and endorse the collective commitment set by the Diversity in Racing Steering Group in 2020:

‘We want British racing to be a diverse and inclusive sport in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential within the sport and where fans from all communities feel welcome.’

To support this commitment, the PJA has established a three year action plan which focuses on the following priorities:

  • Increase diversity on the PJA Board by the end of 2022

A full restructure of the PJA Board took place at the end of 2021 and our Chairman Jon Holmes was appointed Diversity Champion ensuring regular reporting to the Board on relevant diversity and inclusion topics as part of the Board meetings. The PJA will be exploring how to ensure that diverse experiences and skill sets are represented at Board level.

  • Increase awareness and education of diversity and inclusion across the PJA and its members to shape attitudes and behaviours to help create an inclusive environment within the sport

The PJA will continue to work closely with other signatory stakeholders to promote D&I awareness to the PJA Board and staff members as well as PJA members through accessing the e-learning modules.

  • Improve support and development to PJA members and staff so that everyone can thrive and be the best they can be within a fair and equitable sport

The PJA will conduct regular/cyclical review of internal policies through a diversity and inclusion lens.  A PJA membership code of conduct was published in 2021 demonstrating a strong commitment to progressing towards achieving greater diversity and inclusion. The PJA will also consider its diversity data collection from staff, board members and PJA members to understand what diversity looks like across PJA, explore what can be done to address underrepresentation and create an inclusive culture.

The PJA’s diversity and inclusion action plan is fully endorsed by the PJA Chairman, Directors and the Chief Executive.

Jockey Matters films – Respect & Inclusion

In October 2022, the PJA and JETS released two new films as part of the Jockey Matters series focusing on respect and inclusion in the weighing room featuring a conversation between a group of five Flat and Jump jockeys, hosted by Hayley Moore, and with advice from Inclusion expert, Chris Gibbons.

All In The Race Campaign

The #AllInTheRace campaign launched in July 2022 shows the industry’s commitment to leading on inclusivity. The DiRSG has produced a short one-minute film to visibly demonstrate racing’s ambition to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the sport and to illustrate to the audience how racing will directly benefit which can be seen below.

Further supporting information is also available on the new updated Diversity and Inclusion hub on Racing Together at: https://www.racingtogether.co.uk/allintherace/