What We Do

As your ‘union’, we represent you in a number of ways; we sit on all the major boards and committees that regulate the racing industry; we represent members with legal matters and we manage commercial arrangements on behalf of our members.  As industry experts, we’re best positioned to represent you throughout your career.

Our mission is to protect, promote and represent the interests of professional jockeys both on and off the racecourse.

Key benefits included in your PJA membership are:

  • Official representation with both the BHA and international racing bodies
  • Legal advice with employment or contractual issues, agent and insurance disputes, disciplinary appeals and criminal matters
  • Various group insurance schemes and access to a network of individual insurance schemes such as private medical insurance or cover when you’re injured.  Find out more in our Peace of Mind section  
  • Access to the Jockeys Savings Plan and PensionScheme.  Find out more in our Money Matters section
  • Support with any safeguarding or other personal issues such as social media intrusion or personal relations
  • Access to key support services including the PJA Nutrition team, mental health specialists and the PJA Performance Consultant.  Find out more in the Healthy Mind and Healthy Body sections
  • Access to JETS and IJF, the two other key organisations which support jockeys
  • Exclusive discounts with third party companies e.g. Racing TV
  • Access to sponsorship agreement templates and other key documents to help you manage your finances and maximise your income.
  • Regular communications via monthly e-newsletters, text messages, WhatsApp and Twitter updates.
  • Metal badge and car park label to access the racecourses 

The cost of this membership is 3% of the riding fee.


Jockeys will be sent in the post an invitation to  join the PJA when they are first licensed. If you are interested in becoming a jockey, please contact one of the two dedicated education centres for aspiring jockeys – the British Racing School (BRS) or the National Horseracing College (NHC). 


Our team is always on hand to help you in any way we can and offer you a personal and confidential service.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch or use our live chat service.