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Jockey Education & Training Scheme

JETS provides jockeys with life-long career development information and opportunities, careers advice and guidance, helping them gain additional skills which, as well as being useful in their riding career, are invaluable when planning for a second career. JETS also provides funding for qualifying individuals to undertake training and other Continued Professional Development (CPD) opportunities. This starts with an individual Personal Development Plan (PDP) which the JETS Personal Development Managers set up, monitor and review with jockeys.



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Injured Jockeys Fund

The IJF helps any rider who holds, or has held, a British Professional or Amateur licence, including any spouse, partner child or dependant they may have. They are there to give immediate advice and help, short or long term financial assistance, other forms of support and access to rehabilitation services. They operate three rehabilitation centres in Lambourn (Oaksey House), Malton (Jack Berry House) and Newmarket (Peter O’Sullevan House) which offer jockeys access to a range of clinical and welfare support, including physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, sports psychology and nutritional advice courtesy of a member of the PJA Nutrition Team.


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The PJA takes the safeguarding of jockeys extremely seriously.  Along with the BHA and other representative bodies we have a duty to protect young people and adults in racing from all forms of abuse and harm and to ensure there are clear processes and channels for them to report confidentially any abusive or discriminatory behaviour.

In 2019, the BHA introduced a Safeguarding Policy and Regulations which outlines signs and types of abuse and where concerns should be reported.  The aim is to put in place practical measures, tailored to the requirements of racing, that seek to minimise the risk of harm, and enable the BHA to respond as appropriate to suspicions and concerns whenever and wherever they may arise, and to take disciplinary and enforcement action against people in our sport who may be causing harm or abuse to others.

If jockeys have any concerns in this area, we encourage them to contact Marie at the PJA or the BHA’s Safeguarding team via

Anonymous reporting is also available through RaceWise, the BHA’s anonymous reporting service (operated by CrimeStoppers) on 08000 852 580 or through its online reporting form at RaceWise Reporting.

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To read the BHA’s Safeguarding Policy, Regulations and Code of Conduct and raise any concerns or queries please visit the Safeguarding section of the BHA website.

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