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Riding Abroad

There are a few things jockeys need to consider when you plan to ride abroad, whether it’s for one ride or an entire season.


Jockeys should always check what insurance provision is already available in the country they are going to ride in.
Jockeys riding on a UK licence are covered by PRIS for a period of 30 days from the date of departure from the UK.  Jockeys riding on a foreign licence are covered by PRIS for 7 days from the date of departure from the UK.

PJA Travel Insurance (Bone fide work related trips only) – All PJA members’ medical expenses (including repatriation) are covered for 60 days from the date of departure from the UK for any one trip. There is a £100 excess payable. Jockeys may extend cover on an individual basis up to a maximum limit of 180 days in all at an additional premium. Please contact us prior to departure for more information.

Jockeys who ride abroad for more than 30 days at a time are advised to make enquiries, through the local Racing Authority, as to whether or not there is any insurance cover that might be available to them through that Authority. The PJA strongly advises that jockeys purchase adequate individual cover for:

  • Private Medical Insurance*
  • Career Ending Insurance*
  • Loss of earnings*
  • Repatriation*

*Any Jockey pursuing a long term career in racing in countries such as America should be aware that there is generally no specific complimentary insurance for jockeys of any kind. The cost of purchasing sufficient cover should be acknowledged and considered before committing to a long term career in racing abroad.



Jockeys wishing to ride abroad on a foreign licence should obtain a clearance from the BHA Licensing Department (0207 152 0000).  This will confirm that the jockey is in good standing, i.e. currently licensed in the UK, not suspended and medically fit to ride.

When returning to the UK, the jockey should obtain a clearance from the overseas Authority in order to renew their UK licence.


To find a foreign Embassy, please click here  Jockeys should check with an individual country’s Embassy to establish whether a visa is required in order to ride.


Jockeys earning fees through race riding will need a visa. The sponsor will contact US citizenship immigration, and file a petition. The US will send the jockey a notice of action. The jockey will then need to call the embassy to arrange an appointment, giving certain information contained in the notice of action. Once an interview has been conducted the visa should be issued in a matter of days.

Winners ridden abroad

Jockeys must report any winner ridden outside of the UK, including the Channel Islands, to the BHA Licensing Department within 48 hours of their return.

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