Racing Matters

Racecourse Facilities

The PJA works closely with its Safety Officers, the RCA, the BHA and racecourses to constantly improve the jockey facilities and provision at racecourses.

Improvements have been made recently at a number of venues. These include either completely new weighing rooms such as Catterick, or refurbishments such as Yarmouth. Female areas have also improved as many changing rooms did not have adequate space. We constantly work behind the scenes with BHA, racecourses and their teams to improve workplace environments which include showers, toilets, rest areas, food provision, physio rooms and where space provides warm up areas. Some older weighing rooms require either planning permission to change the structure or a complete rebuild and further major building work is due to start at several racecourses in 2020.

Our nutrition team oversaw the recent improvement to jockeys’ food provision at the races. Improved catering guidelines are now in place and courses are now regularly assessed.


We can only assist if we are aware of the issues so don’t hesitate to contact us!

If jockeys ever have a concern regarding a racecourse matter such as the condition of the ground, positioning of a fence or weighing room facilities, they  should report it on the day to the Clerk of the Scales, a PJA Safety Officer or contact us following racing.