Racing Matters

Racecourse Access

ID cards are issued to all professional jockeys and are required to gain access to the racecourse and weighing room. Full jockeys can also apply for an ID card for a nominated user. The ID card MUST be warn on the relevant years lanyard, which will be renewed annually. Please note ID cards will not be replaced yearly, only the lanyards. A “J” car park label will also be sent out annually to PJA members, giving them access to their car park at the racecourse.

Please contact the PJA office for any queries.

Additional guest tickets for Jockeys’ family/close friends when racing are issued at the discretion of each racecourse and Jockeys should therefore contact the racecourse in advance.

Retired Jockeys

Jockeys who have held a UK professional Jump licence for 10 years or a UK professional Flat licence for 15 years can apply for a retired jockey ID access card and RCA car park label. They can also apply for a named second badge for their partner if they have held a professional Jockey licence for a further 5 years.

To apply and for further information, please contact the RCA office on 01344 873536.