Racing Matters

Racecourse Access

Metal badges are issued to full jockeys only and are required for movement within the racecourse, including access to the weighing room. The PASS card is  the key tool used for entry to the racecourse for all jockeys, including Apprentices and Conditionals.  A PASS card application form and  J car park label, to give Jockeys access to their car park are supplied in the PJA Members Packs.  Full jockeys can also apply for a second metal for a nominated second user.  Please contact us to do this.

Important terms and conditions apply to the metal badge use which can be viewed in the Resources area of this section.

From 2021, all jockeys and associated users will be issued with photo ID cards to replace the metal badge scheme.

Additional guest tickets for Jockeys’ family/close friends when racing are issued at the discretion of each racecourse and Jockeys should therefore contact the racecourse in advance.

N.B. Jockeys metal badges are only for their use and the use of their nominated user if they hold a second associated badge. If the nominated user has changed, the jockey needs to contact us.

Retired Jockeys

Jockeys who have help a UK professional Jump licence for 10 years or a UK professional Flat licence for 15 years can apply to purchase an RCA retired jockey metal badge and RCA car park label. They can also apply for a named second badge for their partner if they have held a professional Jockey licence for a further 5 years. To apply and for further information, please contact us.

Special terms apply to access to the big racing festivals for RCA badge holders, with many requesting an online application in advance. Please visit the Resources area of this section to view the full terms and conditions.