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PRIS (Professional Riders Insurance Scheme) is funded by owners via a surcharge on the riding fee. It pays a weekly benefit for work related accidents whilst a jockey is unable to race-ride and is designed to compensate for lost riding fees.

How To Claim

Racecourse Incidents – After a fall on the racecourse, the jockey must be examined by a racecourse doctor (RMO). No claims for injuries on a racecourse will be accepted without the jockey being examined by the RMO at the time of the injury.

If the RMO does not give the jockey a PRIS claim form, they or someone on their behalf should call the PRIS office on 01935 891974. The jockey should complete Part 1 of the form and get either their Consultant, own GP (if they have seen them) or the BHA Medical Adviser to complete Part 2 of the form.

The completed form should be sent to:

Marilyn Bracher
Professional Riders Insurance Scheme
Jollity Farm
Higher Halstock Leigh
Somerset BA22 9QY

Riding Work or other Work Related Incidents – If a jockey is injured whilst riding work or for other work related incidents, they should seek medical advice as soon as possible and obtain a claim form from the PRIS office. The jockey should give the name of the trainer for whom they were riding and the date and place of the incident.

The claim form must be sent to PRIS within 35 days of the incident in order to avoid the claim being ruled as invalid by the Trustees. For further enquiries, please ring the PRIS office on 01935 891974. It is important to note that the Professional Riders Insurance Scheme is underwritten by insurance and is governed by a strict set of rules, which must be met before any payment of Temporary Benefit can be made.

GradeRidesNet Pay Per Day
1Up to 74£42.50
9600 +£285.00

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