Starting Out

Jockey Coaching Programme

All Apprentices and Conditionals are now allocated a fully qualified Jockey Coach to support them from a technical and pastoral perspective until they ride out their claim and for the first year afterwards. The BHA Jockey Coaching Programme is administered by the British Racing School and is designed to improve both the riding skills of young jockeys and to develop them as all round sportspeople.

The Jockey Coaching Programme (JCP) started in 2011 and is funded via deductions made from jockeys’ accounts (7.5% of the Riding fee for Apprentices  and 5.625% for Conditionals).

The team of Jockey Coaches have all previously had successful professional careers themselves. Their role includes one-to-one tuition, supervised course walks and post-race analysis. Jockeys are coached in all aspects of their careers from technical support, motivation, confidence, fitness and communication skills. 

The JCP also now provides ‘Drop In’ sessions. These sessions are coached by the four regional coaches at the IJF centres and all licensed riders are welcome to attend. If you would like to book a slot on one of these sessions, please contact your local regional coach via your local IJF centre for more details.


Joe Foley Corah is the Jockey Development Manager and is always keen to receive feedback and comments from Jockeys. He can be contacted at the British Racing School in Newmarket or on

Any Jockey wishing to be allocated a Jockey Coach should contact Lulu Stanford at BRS on 01638 669039.

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