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Fee Split

Apprentices and Conditionals – Fee Split  

Following lengthy negotiations between the PJA, the BHA and the NTF, a new and much improved fee split structure has been introduced for Apprentice and Conditional Jockeys from 15 July 2020*.

Conditional Jockeys will now receive 100% of their riding fee and prize money from day one.

The Apprentice fee structure is as follows:

Riding Fee SplitExpensesPrize Money
Apprentice LicenceJockey %Trainer %Jockey %Trainer %Jockey %Trainer %

*The former structure saw apprentices receive 50% of prizemoney won and 50%, 55% and 80% of the riding fee at 7lb, 5lb and 3lb respectively, 

This new structure means that Apprentice and Conditional Jockeys are now responsible for covering their full expenses and should no longer claim a contribution from their Trainer towards their racing expenses such as mileage.