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Concussion Management

Following any head injury which results in concussion, it is important that jockeys are given time to rest and fully recover before returning to exercise (e.g. riding or yard work). We recommend jockeys contact the physiotherapy team at the IJF centres who will be able to advise and assist them with their recovery. The jockey will recover quicker if they completely rest until their symptoms have fully resolved at rest.

The jockey may then undertake light exercise (e.g. 15min walk). If after this they have a recurrence of their symptoms they should rest for the following 24hrs and try light exercise again after complete resolution of their symptoms.

If symptom free after light exercise they may progress to moderate exercise (e.g. 1hr walk, gentle 20min run).

Again if symptoms return then rest and start again with light exercise, if no recurrence of symptoms they may gradually increase the amount of exercise they are able to do until able to exercise at full capacity. They may then return to riding subject to the relevant BHA clearance.

The majority of jockeys with concussion will fully recover within 7 days of their initial injury. Those who do not, may, need a period of prolonged rest and in severe cases may be unable to ride for 6-12 months.

The following are all common symptoms of concussion:

  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness


REST means- no exercise, no television, no computer, no telephone i.e. rest the body and mind, this is the ideal although understandably not always achievable.

Jockeys can claim a bounty towards the cost of replacing their helmet following concussion, read the clearance to ride after concussion document in Resources for further information.

Return To Riding

Once the jockey is symptom free on exercise, they can then contact the BHA Medical Department on  0207 152 0138 to arrange a post-concussion review.

The only person who can book a post-concussion review is the BHA Medical Department and the jockey should not attempt to arrange this themselves.

Further information and important advice on returning to riding after concussion can be found in the Clearance to Ride After Concussion document in Resources.

Baseline Tests

All Jockeys need to complete a baseline test every two years. They will be notified in writing by the BHA medical department when their baseline test is due and needs to be booked.

The baseline testing will include:

  • SCAT 5
  • Cogsport
  • Pen and Paper Test

There is a network of regional Concussion Test Centres. Jockeys must bring photo ID with them and specify that the appointment is a Jockey Concussion Baseline test for the BHA when booking.

The jockey’s licence renewal will not be delayed in relation to a new concussion being carried out.

If jockeys are unable to attend a booked baseline test, they must cancel their appointment by notifying the centre at least 24 hours in advance. Thereafter, all appointments will be charged to the jockey at the full fee (£105.00).

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