Peace of Mind

Career Ending Insurance

All PJA members are covered by this group scheme from 21st September 2022 to 31st December 2023 under the following conditions:

  • 24 hour/Worldwide
  • Permanent Total Disablement from Usual Occupation (Race-riding)
  • Accident only (no illness cover)

Full terms and conditions apply. A policy document will be provided upon request. We are grateful to the Racehorse Owners Association who are funding the policy as of 1st January 2022 via a small surcharge on owners per ride. The policy was previously funded by the PJA, HBLB and Ascot Racecourse for an interim period, ensuring continued group career ending insurance post July 2021. There was no career ending insurance cover in place for PJA members from 1st April 2020 to 1st June 2020 and from 1st December to 21st December 2020.

Insurer: Royal Sun Alliance

The policy is placed with Royal Sun Alliance with the following benefit levels, based on a Jockey’s PRIS grade:

GradeNo of rides in previous seasonBenefit Level PTD £

Individual ‘Top-up’ cover option

In addition to the group career ending cover provided to PJA members, Miller Insurance, can provide individual bespoke career ending policies for jockeys. For further details and quote examples, please contact Jim Rainford on 07712 592606 or email