PJA CEO Paul Struthers Interviewed on Sky Sports Racing

PJA Chief Executive Paul Struthers appeared on Sky Sports Racing on Thursday (19th March) to discuss the Covid 19 crisis and the suspension of racing in Britain.

In an interview with John Hunt and Simon Mapletoft Paul discusses the impact of the current situation on Jockeys as well as the wider sport. He explains the reasons racing was suspended (and the differences that mean Irish racing is currently able to continue behind closed doors), discusses the plans for financial support and puts forward his hopes that some positives for the industry can come from this unprecedented crisis.

You can watch the full interview here:

We have picked out some points in the interview which you may find particularly useful, and hopefully help to answer some of the questions you will have:

Time Point of Discussion

4:30 Difference between Britain and Ireland

5:00 The rationale behind the decision to suspend racing and why the PJA had to support it – albeit reluctantly. Paul explains how the decision was based on the perspective of senior medical figures within racing, with the focus on protecting Jockeys, the NHS and the wider public.

8:15 The measures that will be put in place to financially support Jockeys from both the Industry and the Government. Paul reassures Jockeys that the support will be coming! He also explains what Jockeys should do if they find themselves in immediate financial trouble.

15:35 Mental Wellbeing – Paul talks about the support that is available, including the continuous work done by the PJA to support the mental welfare of Jockeys. There is also a wider package of athlete support being put together to support both physical and mental health, including work with the IJF, PJA Nutrition Team, Sporting Chance, Cognacity and Aodhagan Conlon.

20:00 Crises create opportunities. Despite this being a difficult and worrying time for Jockeys, and the industry as a whole, it is possible that some positives can be created from the current situation. These are discussed briefly here.

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