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Prior to The Professional Jockeys Association re-branding in February 2008, the body representing professional jockeys was The Jockeys Association of Great Britain Ltd (JAGB).

From about 1965 there were three small organisations, the Southern National Hunt Jockeys Committee, the Northern National Hunt Jockeys Committee and the Flat Race Jockeys Association but even before this time there were informed meetings of jockeys.

petersmithOriginally, the Southern National Hunt Jockeys Committee had Stan Mellor as Chairman, the late David Nicholson as Secretary and a small active committee including, such names as Terry Biddlecombe, Bob Davies, Brough Scott, Richard Pitman, Michael Scudamore. In October 1965, David Nicholson resigned as Secretary and, through an introduction by Michael Scudamore, Major Peter Smith T.D. was appointed Secretary to replace him.

During the same years, Jack Boddy was the Chairman of the Northern National Hunt Jockeys Committee.  Pat McCarron was Secretary, George Smith Treasurer and the Committee included such leading jockeys of the time as Gerry Scott, Pat Buckley, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Stan Hayhurst and Paddy Broderick. In July 1968, Peter Smith was appointed Secretary of the Northern Committee in addition to the Southern Committee and very shortly after he also became Secretary to the Flat Race Jockeys Association and so began the first stages towards one organisation.

1969 was a year of great development for the Association. Also, The Jockey Club was formed from the Turf Committee and the National Hunt Committee and Trainers were encouraged to form one organisation. It was natural that the jockeys’ organisations should amalgamate but it was the vision and energetic devotion of the Secretary, Peter Smith that put it into effect.

The Jockeys Association of Great Britain Ltd was incorporated on the 24th June 1969 with The Rt Hon. Lord Trevithian & Oaksey, D.S.O., T.D., D.L. as its first President and Vice-Presidents Lester Piggott, Barry Brogan, Brough Scott and Johnnie Seagrave.

The Council was made up of 24 members; six each from National Hunt Jockeys North and South and Flat Race Jockeys North and South.

Peter Smith retired as Secretary in 1978 but continued to work for the Association until his retirement in 1983. He kept a very keen interest in the affairs of the Association until his death in 1992.

Other Officials:

Geoffrey Summers Secretary from 1978 to 1987
Jack Brooks Secretary from 1987 to 1988
Ann Saunders MBE Company Secretary from 1988 to present day
Michael Caulfield MSc Chief Executive from 1988 to 2003
John Blake Chief Executive from 2003 to 2007
Josh Apiafi
Chief Executive from 2007 to 2009
Kevin Darley Chief Executive from 2009 to 2012
Paul Struthers Chief Executive from 2012 to present