If a Jockey is unhappy with the result of a Stewards Enquiry and/or the penalty handed down on the day, they have the ability to lodge an appeal with the BHA.

In all cases, Jockeys should request a copy of the DVD of the incident which will be supplied by the Stipendiary Steward acting on the day.  If this DVD won’t be ready until the end of the day and you are unable to stay around to collect it please try to ensure that either a colleague or valet who is based around the Lambourn/Hungerford area takes the DVD for you.

The jockey then needs to contact the PJA or a solicitor, who will analyse the video footage and make a judgement on whether or not any appeal would have merit.  The PJA and/or the solicitor will analyse the video footage and determine whether or not the appeal has merit.

If the appeal has merit and is sanctioned by the PJA,  the Jockey will be legally represented courtest of the Group Legal Expenses Scheme.

If a claim against the Group Insurance Scheme is not sanctioned by the PJA then that does not prevent a jockey appealing, but they must either represent themselves or fund legal representation themselves.

All appeals should be lodged through the PJA who will fax the appeal to the BHA.

All appeals against suspensions for riding offenses need to be lodged with the BHA within 48 hours starting the day after the Stewards announced their decision.  This means any suspension incurred on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday would need to be appeals by the close of play on the Monday.

Appeals against fines need to be lodged 7 days starting the day after the Stewards announced their decision.

It is not PJA policy to sanction a claim on the Group Legal Expenses Scheme for placings appeals, as that is the responsibility of the Owner and Trainer.  However, the PJA is happy to advise on such appeals as required.

No appeal may be lodged unless it is accompanied by a deposit. When lodging the appeal the PJA will authorise the BHA to deduct the deposit from the Jockey’s Weatherbys account.

The deposits for appealing are:

Apprentice and Conditionals
£110 – Against a fine of £500 or less
£250 – Against penalty or findings of the Stewards

Full Licensed Jockeys
£220 – Against a fine of £500 or less
£500 – Against penalty or findings of the Stewards

If the appeal is unsuccessful the deposit may be forfeited or returned as the BHA consider appropriate

Appeals are usually heard on a Thursday, and if there has been a Bank Holiday a Friday.