Racing At Sandown 15/2/13. Sally Dufty a Physiotherapist giving treatment to jockeys via the Professional Jockeys Association. Will Kennard having tretment. Picture by David AshdownThe Jockeys Injury Management Team (JIM Team) are a team of highly qualified physical therapists with many years experience of treating professional athletes, who aim to provide a highly competent and comprehensive physiotherapy service to Jockeys at race meetings. Their treatment aims are to aid recovery from injury and to monitor that recovery while also providing advice on the prevention of long term problems. Treatments are given, when appropriate, to injuries sustained at race meetings on the day and also to Jockeys with more long term injuries.

Therapists arrive at least one and a half hours before racing starts and are available to treat Jockeys until after the last race. On-course physical therapy is funded by contributions from The British Horseracing Authority, The Injured Jockeys Fund, Professional Jockeys and Racecourses.