• Julia Scott-DouglasJulia Scott-Douglas
    Team Leader
    Julia, a freelance nutritionist and accredited sports Dietitian has been team leader for the past 5 years. She has been the tutor in nutrition at the BRS for 10 years and last year became Dietitian for the equestrian World Class Programme covering all disciplines. Julia is based in East Anglia.
  • Daniel MartinDaniel Martin
    Dan is a Lecturer of Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition and consults as a Performance Nutritionist for several professional sports teams. He is based in West Yorkshire and delivers nutrition education and cookery workshops to the jockeys at Northern Racing College. His academic role enables his work as a Nutritionist to be evidence-based using the most contemporary and credible research available.
  • Hannah TrotmanHannah Trotman
    Hannah joined the team in April 2018 and is based at Oaksey House on Tuesdays afternoons. She has worked in the NHS for the past two years as well as seeing private clients, sports clubs and teams, and specialises in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.