Aintree fall

The Jockeys Injury Notification Procedure sets out a clear step by step procedure for contacting a Jockeys’ Next of Kin and providing further support should a Jockey be taken to hospital. It also makes provision to ensure that property of any injured Jockey who is taken to hospital is looked after and returned. Please click here to read the full Jockeys Injury Notification Procedure.

PJA Procedure for Jockeys transferred to hospital

  1. The Racecourse RMO will call the IJF Almoner for that racecourse.  A representative of the racecourse will also call PJA and Jockey’s Next of kin to inform of transfer to hospital and where.
  2. The IJF almoner will contact Jockey or person accompanying Jockey via call or text within an hour of receiving the call from the Racecourse or as soon as practicable otherwise. The PJA will also text or call the jockey.
  3. Recipient of call to inform other members of PJA and liaise with relevant IJF almoner (details attached at Annex A) via text or email within an hour or as soon as otherwise practical.
  4. If no response from injured jockey within 4hrs, the IJF almoner to call A&E nurse and leave contact details.
  5. All Jockeys likely to be in hospital for more than two nights should be offered a visit by representative of the PJA or IJF.

Filming of Falls for Jockeys Transferred to Hospital

As soon as the PJA becomes aware of a jockey being transferred to hospital, as soon as practicable, a record clip of the fall will be texted to the jockey in question. If the jockey has gone accompanied to the hospital, the PJA will endeavour to get their contact details and send them a clip also.

PJA Procedure for Jockeys not transferred to hospital but appearing on the BHA Red Entry List

The BHA’s Red entry list is checked daily by PJA office and the PJA will text all new red entries (except for Saturday’s or Sunday’s where the Red Entry list isn’t received)