BRIEF SUMMARY (full Terms & Conditions on request to the PJA)

Certificate Number: GP0010012

Assured: The Professional Jockey Association

Period of Insurance: 01 November 2019 to 30 November 2020 (both days inclusive)

Insured Persons:  All full members of the Professional Jockeys Association or those who have temporarily relinquished their licence due to local racing authority requirements, but have held a UK licence in the 60 days preceding a claim.

Geographical Limits:   Worldwide, cover extends to include incidental holiday travel, within the country of business. Cover includes trips to Channel Islands provided such trips involve an overnight stay or a flight in an aircraft.*  Cover extends to include incidental holiday travel, within country of business.

Operative Time:  While an Insured Person is on an Insured Trip on business outside the United Kingdom, cover starting from the time of leaving an Insured Person’s place of residence or place of work in the United Kingdom whichever is last, until return to an Insured Person’s place of residence or place of work in the United Kingdom, whichever is the first.  Cover includes horse ring, including racing.

Duration:  Maximum 60 days any one trip.

Cover can be extended beyond 60 days for a maximum of 180 days any one trip, subject to the:

1. PJA being notified by the Jockey before the 60-day period has expired

2. Trip being declared to underwriters on a quarterly basis

3. Additional premium being paid.

Cost to extend the cover is:-

Europe:                    £1.21 per day, incl. IPT

USA & Canada:       £2.13 per day, incl. IPT

Rest of World:         £1.82 per day, incl. IPT

Failure to do so will result in any claim occurring after the 60-day period being restricted to Rescue Expenses only.


  • Medical, Emergency Travel & Rescue Expenses        £2,000,000
  • Legal Expenses**                                                      £25,000
  • Personal property (excls riding tack & equipment       £1,000
  • Money                                                                       £150
  • Hi-jack & Kidnap                                                        £50 per day (max £1,050)

Channel Islands.  Medical & Emergency Expenses Travel Expenses is limited to £50,000 and covers inpatient treatment only.  Cover only applies in excess of those recoverable under any reciprocal agreements.

**    Legal Expenses excludes any claim in connection with the insured person’s business or occupation.


In the event of a medical emergency requiring hospitalisation or medical treatment contact CEGA Assistance 24 hours a day on the following number CEGA Assistance +44 (0) 1243 621501.


All claims correspondence should be addressed to:  CEGA Claims Service, P O Box 127, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8WQ.  Tel: 01243 621356.  Claims should also be notified to the Professional Jockeys Association.  Claims should be notified as soon as possible.