The Professional Jockeys Pension Scheme

In 1984, the Professional Jockeys Association set up the Professional Jockeys Association Pension Scheme (the PJAPS) which is funded by a deduction of 0.6% of total prize money.

Basis of the Scheme

The Scheme has been established as part of the Aegon Personal Pension Scheme. All contributions and transfer values are invested in private pension policies with Aegon plc. The contributions and transfer values for you accumulate in these policies, and they remain specific to the Jockey. The size of the fund available at retirement to provide pension benefits will depend on the amount invested, the period of the investment and the investment returns obtained.


Any person who:

a) has held a UK professional Jockey’s licence, or an Apprentice or Conditional licence, for two complete seasons or three seasons if previously licensed overseas. In the first season a Flat or Apprentice Jockey must be licensed on or before 1 July of that season whilst a National Hunt or Conditional Jockey must be licensed on or before 1 December of that season. In a case where a licence is granted during the first season but after 1 July or 1 December (whichever is applicable) then the season in which that licence was granted shall not count as a qualifying season for the purpose of this schedule;

b) weighs out for 75 or more rides in a season; and

c) completes and submits to the Trustees an application form by the commencement of the third qualifying season

d) signs and submits to the Trustees a Letter of Undertaking

shall become a Beneficiary under the Fund.

Jockeys will be notified by the Professional Jockeys Association when they become eligible.

The Trustees shall have complete discretion to decide whether a person who does not fulfil the eligibility criteria shall be a Beneficiary.


If a Jockey is injured for 12 weeks or more during a season, the number of qualifying rides will be averaged over the previous 3 seasons.

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